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WAMAWest African Monetary Agency (Freetown, Sierra Leone)
WAMAWashington Area Music Association
WAMAWalter Anderson Museum of Art (Ocean Springs, MS)
WAMAWestern Australian Municipal Association
WAMAWorldwide Alliance of Makeup Artists (online business group)
WAMAWashington Association of Military Attachés (Washington, DC)
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The signing of the WAMA is a recognition of our long-term commitment to the Royal Australian Navy.
Although your parents and guardians have a responsibility to take good care of you, still, it is your role to protect yourself," Kikwete, WAMA chairwoman, said at the campaign launch, according to Reuters.
Intervenant a la ceremonie de signature de la charte WAMA NET, Abderrazek Ben Khlifa, Secretaire d'Etat charge des collectivites locales, a indique que ce reseau jouera un role de plateforme de diffusion des differentes solutions experimentees par les communes, ajoutant que des experimentations pilotes a petites echelles pourront etre generalisees et diffusees au sein du reseau.
WAMA also celebrated with anniversary events in the summer and fall of 2011, with two special exhibitions.
WAMA is a non-profit organization of music industry professionals committed to raising the profile of the region's diverse music community.
By expanding the use of WAMA technology and implementing it in all of our fabs, we look forward to seeing greater manufacturing efficiencies.
Get ready for the brand new classy look and outstanding production in which WAMA have teamed up with the extremely talented producer Ahmed Di Souki (2009 producer of the year)WAMA has already released two very successful albums and many excellent videos in 2003 and 2005.
So much art and culture was lost to Katrina's wind and water that it is critical we all celebrate and cherish what is remaining," said WAMA executive director Gayle Petty-Johnson.
Hence, the Committee of Governors called on ECOWAS to collaborate closely with WAMA and also consider avenues for financing some of their activities under the roadmap from the community levy.