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WAMBWisconsin Association of Mortgage Brokers
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A recipe involving leek and rue, oil, butter, pitch and wax to cleanse the "wamb" is immediately followed by this statement:
Thus one can say wamb ti-nt na ora ndui nondorom, na nanom pukl mondop it, 'no one showed me, I myself made a base and did it;' or na nanom weng-ndop it, 'I myself creatively invented this action'.
February 1997: The FCC fined four television stations--WTFG, Washington, D.C., $10,000; and three Virginia stations, WDRG, Danville, $10,000; WGNT, Portsmouth, $14,000; and WAMB, Richmond, $15,000--for violating limits on commercial time during children's programming.