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WAMCWomack Army Medical Center
WAMCWest Anaheim Medical Center (California)
WAMCWelsh Association of Motor Clubs
WAMCWater Administration Ministerial Corporation (New South Wales, Australia)
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617) See Allison Dunne, Judge Rules That Kiryas Joel's 164-Acre Annexation Plan is Valid, WAMC (Oct.
During the first hour of its fund drive in February, WAMC was flooded with $50,000 in donations, when it would normally raise $6,000 to $7,000.
It happened I suspect because people were aware of what was going on in America," said Alan Chartock, CEO of WAMC Northeast Public Radio.
In addition to $3 million from its three fundraising drives during the year, WAMC derives another $3 million through underwriting.
In the coming weeks, both WAMC and SPAH will be releasing further press releases to keep our investors informed.
AudioBasket, a premiere provider of customized audio news and information on demand, today announced a comprehensive content agreement with WAMC Northeast Public Radio to offer a wide range of programming to AudioBasket users.
Under the terms of the agreement, effective immediately, a series of radio shows produced by WAMC will be offered to AudioBasket for distribution to its users and affiliate sites.
Our service relies on quality and in-depth programming from journalists looking to serve concerned audiences, and WAMC provides us with some of the most unique programs available on the radio," said James Moed, senior producer, AudioBasket.
AudioBasket is a pioneer in the emerging technology of programming on demand, and WAMC is delighted to be there at the beginning.
AudioBasket provides the only way for WAMC listeners to access the station's archives or search through previous editions of any of the shows distributed to AudioBasket users.
WAMC is among a lineup of national and international news organizations, publishers, broadcasters, business and educational information providers with which AudioBasket has announced partner agreements.
Powers currently sits on the Board of Directors of Trustco Bank and is a former Board member of WAMC, Albany's Public Radio station.