WAMFWelsh Amateur Music Federation (Cardiff, Wales, UK)
WAMFWhat Are My Feelings
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"This is the year of #MeToo and I wanted to find a way to help heal wounds and empower women," said WAMF's Executive Director Ingrid Walter, "With David's many pieces that focus on women, his history of giving back and the extraordinary work WGEF is doing in Uganda, I suggested we work together.
Last year WAMF moved into its new home, T Cerdd at the Wales Millennium Centre, from where my team and I will continue to promote the National Youth Brass Band, Choir, Jazz, Wind Orchestra and Symphonic Brass groups.
Each of the WAMF ensembles commissioned new music in 2004, including A Concerto Grosso for Four Soloists and Brass from Alun Hoddinott, Legends of the Bear for Symphonic Wind Orchestra from Gareth Wood, and Swamba, for National Youth Jazz Wales, from Dave Firman.