WAMITWomen and Minorities in Technology Conference (Jacksonville, FL)
WAMITWave Analysis At Massachusetts Institute of Technology
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Despite this, this study has shown that the relationship between both the major and minor axis length and power output in an oscillating water column wave energy device and the how the length of the major and minor axes changes with forcing period ratios produced theoretically with WAMIT and OrcaFlex in the numerical analysis (Stanham, McCarthy, and Stappenbelt 2016) can be reproduced experimentally.
Meanwhile, Umoe Mandal has teamed with General Atomics, Kiewit Offshore Services, Griffon Hovercraft, Island Engineering, Fireco and Wamit. The company is experimenting with hovercraft technology and the Surface Effect System (SES), used on the Skjold class fast patrol boats operated by the Royal Norwegian Navy, to develop a hybrid vessel which would use both an air-cushioned and SES design.
Simplified forms of the geometry are used to create response-amplitude operators in all six degrees of freedom (the ship's roll, pitch, yaw, heave, surge, and sway) in WAMIT, a wave-body interaction program from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge.