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WAMMWo/Men's Alliance for Medical Marijuana (hospice organization providing free organic medical Marijuana)
WAMMWomen Against Military Madness
WAMMWestern Association of Mooney Mites (Porterville, California)
WAMMWindsor Arts & Music Monthly (Windsor, Ontario magazine)
WAMMWe All Make Mistakes
WAMMWest African Mercy Ministries
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Braun was there to foster the emergence of the Iraq Peace Action Coalition, which at its height included 39 organizations, and to organize the large number of volunteers who worked the phones in the WAMM office.
Into the midst of this pre-war activity came Heather Foster, who, at 22, went from being a Hamline University service learning volunteer to office manager to WAMM director in four months.
Among the biggest of WAMM's projects during dais time involved lawn and window signs, Initially, WAMM had ordered 100 durable, two-by-four foot, white and maroon signs that proclaimed "Say No To War in Iraq.
But between September 2002 and March 2003, WAMM sold or gave away 10,000 signs (plus 2,000 smaller versions), many to people for whom advertising their political conviction was an act of bravery.
By the time the war began, WAMM had doubled its membership, mostly from among sign-buyers; what the delighted local press called "the sign wars" ensued.
To Heather Foster, the signs showed WAMM at its best, "getting conversations going and helping people with critical thinking about connections they're not used to making.
After sitting in on five WAMM meetings, led by its firebrand director, Valerie Leveroni Corral, I was most struck by how spirited, even happy, members sounded.
With laws legalizing medical marijuana already in effect in California, Alaska, Oregon, Washington, Maine, and Hawaii (and with initiatives recently approved in Colorado and Nevada), medical marijuana groups around the country have been calling on WAMM to see how patient-run collectives ought to operate.
There is an encouraging development in the battle for legitimacy: In September, ruling on a class-action suit filed against the government by medical marijuana advocates, including WAMM, federal Judge William Alsup of the Ninth Circuit Court in San Francisco ruled that the government could not punish doctors who recommend the benefits of marijuana to their patients.
WAMM was started in 1993, lucky to be born in Santa Cruz.
For Corral, WAMM is much more of a communal support group than a marijuana dispensary.
A modest lifestyle--a blue-jeans wardrobe and a house filled with a cozy mishmash of old furniture--allows them to devote themselves to WAMM full-time.