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WAMPUMWage and Manpower Process Utilizing Machines (US Bureau of Indian Affairs)
WAMPUMWard's Automatic Menu Package Using Microcomputers (early shareware DOS DBMS by Ward Mundy)
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Hill has been part of repatriating wampum belts from Toronto's Royal Ontario Museum.
Just ask Jeff and Judy Kalin of Primitive Technologies of Connecticut to show you their elm bark baskets, quivers, flint arrows, hand-cut, drilled and polished wampum jewelry, and to tell you the history of the tiny shell bead.
Items available at the Wampum Shop include turtle rattles, used in the Great Feather Dance; horn rattles and water drams, used in several ceremonies and dances; condolence canes, used during the elevation of new chiefs; and many varieties of wampum belts.
But barring the arrival of a few slot machines and roulette wheels, Angelenos stand to lose big wampum on the new and improved City Hall.
Foxwoods, Live Nation and House of Blues will celebrate this sponsorship with a special wampum exchange ceremony, a traditional ritual used by Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation to show appreciation and commitment to agreements, at the House of Blues Boston prior to the Cheap Trick concert this weekend.
The importance of working where we have the most influence, on our own lives, and then what we can do as communities, and then outwards to nations and then internationally, was Simpson's interpretation of how we go about fulfilling the treaty responsibility we each have, represented by the wampum belt Day brought to the event.
Lawrence County Cheslock Enterprises LLC, New Castle ($7,500) Ferrante Upholstering & Carpeting, Wampum ($6,400) Scott A.
405) That club is part of a 17th century collection held at Skokloster Castle, Sweden, and is inlaid with wampum beads (Kraft, 1995, p.
Sometimes my mom would blow 50 bucks on the slots, then we'd wander around, see the sights and grab some dinner with the Wampum points they hoarded like gold.
As a backdrop to his lecture he displayed replicas of original wampum belts and historically significant artifacts from the Canadian War Museum in Ottawa.
As it stands, the gaming tribes are already pouring big wampum into his campaign coffers - $600,000 to date.
He was a genius in trading and much of his income came from speculation in wampum, the Indian money which was part of the currency of the colonists.