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WAMPUMWage and Manpower Process Utilizing Machines (US Bureau of Indian Affairs)
WAMPUMWard's Automatic Menu Package Using Microcomputers (early shareware DOS DBMS by Ward Mundy)
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Bernardin: Just as the interrelationship of the visual and verbal offers audiences multiple portals to access your stories, your stories offer readers varying levels of access depending on their knowledge of diverse references, ranging from wampum to Star Trek, Pink Floyd to commodity food.
Information on wampum belt history and usage can be found at the Friends of Ganondagan website, ganondagan.
Within the cornerstone was placed two identical glass canning jars, one containing settler artifacts from Brantford (named after Chief Brant), and a second with strings of wampum and a copy of the 1784 Haldimand Land Grant from Six Nations.
It moves from wampum production, which is not readily associated with ecological change, to the inland fur trade, so important to European and Native American societies in the seventeenth century, and the over-hunting of beaver, which then had profound ramifications for Native and European societies as well as the environment surrounding Narragansett Bay.
The Two Row Wampum Renewal campaign, an outgrowth of the relations between Onondaga Nation and the ally group NOON, commemorates this grandfather of treaties.
Drawing on his expertise in literature and coinage--the book is published in association with the American Numismatic Society--and building on his valuable work on money and language, Shell shows that, like coins or paper money, wampum had agreed-upon meanings and values that facilitated exchange between individuals and societies; he considers how Americans utilized wampum, and he illustrates that Native Americans left an enduring impression on American banking and currency in the form of multiple Native American images on American coins and banknotes.
Then, Harrison presented his own belt of wampum, symbolizing his hopes for a new peace.
Cherokee is on an Indian reservation, and it's dotted with numberless gift shops with names like TeePee and TomTom and Wampum, gathered around the foot of a gigantic, eye-popping Harrah's Casino.
Elsewhere you'll find a wonderful depiction of a buffalo robe decorated with a battle scene, surrounded by examples of beadwork, wampum beads and ceremonial pipes.
And in the game of politics, that word "oxygen" is a synonym for money, moolah, cabbage, wampum.
The White Dog Sacrifice: A Post-1800 Rite With an Ornamental Use for Wampum
Necela states: "Everyone is still going to have to learn ICD-10 unless you are a practitioner who has a practice that is 100% bit coins, wampum or other cash-only service and does not provide any reimbursement opportunity for your patients via their insurance, HSA, FSA, PIP, MedPay, etc.