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WAMZWest African Monetary Zone
WAMZWest African Monitory Zone
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The entire WAMZ region is experiencing record growth, while at the same time individuals, corporations and governments are being under serviced when it comes to strategic planning, wealth management and financial advisory services.
Q: The WAMZ common currency was supposed to be launched last year but it was called off.
An observer from the CFA Zone attends WAMZ meetings and acts as an experienced counsel to ensure the right thing is done in this programme.
In an attempt to achieve currency stability during the first WAMZ stage of monetary union, the 5 member nations will capitalize their unified central bank with US$100 million.
All other countries in the sub-region (with Liberia joining later) signed into WAMZ.
Hence, the switch to the eco is expected to provide a stimulus for bilateral trade between member states in WAMZ.