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WAMZWest African Monetary Zone
WAMZWest African Monitory Zone
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The WAMZ was supposed to be set up in 2015, but it has still not seen the light of day.
The 8th WAMZ Trade Ministers Forum was constituted during the WAMZ Convergence Council of Ministers and Governors of the Central Banks at the 17th Meeting in Banjul, The Gambia on May 6, 2005 as a means of expanding the work programme for the West African Monetary Institute (WAMI) to include trade integration and regional development.
for sub-Saharan Africa, group = 0 if the country belongs to COMESA, group = 1 if the country is part of WAMZ, group = 2 if the country is a member of the CMA and group = 3 if the country is within the CFA franc zone.
Table 2 Exchange rate pass-through and the monetary regime in Sub-Saharan Africa Variable Fixed Effects Random Effects Estimates Estimated WAMZ 0.
Q: The WAMZ common currency was supposed to be launched last year but it was called off.
An observer from the CFA Zone attends WAMZ meetings and acts as an experienced counsel to ensure the right thing is done in this programme.
In an attempt to achieve currency stability during the first WAMZ stage of monetary union, the 5 member nations will capitalize their unified central bank with US$100 million.
aACoeThe fierce urgency for the WAMZ is to adopt immediate and workable strategies to accelerate the integration process of the financial sector, particularly the insurance sub-sector in order to facilitate trade in goods and services within the Zone,aACA[yen] Englama explained.
To overcome these challenges, he called for speedier integration in WAMZ, including the harmonization of legal and regulatory framework governing the sector, reduction in costs of transactions as well as the insolvency regime.
Hence, the switch to the eco is expected to provide a stimulus for bilateral trade between member states in WAMZ.
The project will specifically enable the WAMZ countries address the deficiencies identified in a 2012 joint study by ECOWAS and WAMI which assessed the capacity of the monetary zone countries to effectively implement national and regional trade integration policies in line with the regionaACAOs common market and monetary integration aspirations.
Speaking at the launch of the program held at the Central Bank of Liberia, the Director General of WAMZ payments system Development Project implementation in Liberia Mr.