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WAMZWest African Monetary Zone
WAMZWest African Monitory Zone
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Governor Patray was accompanied at the joint WAMZ and WAMA statutory meetings by CBL Deputy Governor for Economic Policy, Dr.
ECCAS and WAMZ members are a good comparison to the CFA sample.
The plan was for the WAMZ countries to adopt a single currency, the eco, by 2003 and later merge with WAEMU to become a single monetary zone with a common currency.
The challenge for investment banks in the region is the need to maintain a strong understanding of the region as a whole, the strengths and weaknesses of the individual markets, as well as the dynamics which the WAMZ creates for cross-border opportunities.
for sub-Saharan Africa, group = 0 if the country belongs to COMESA, group = 1 if the country is part of WAMZ, group = 2 if the country is a member of the CMA and group = 3 if the country is within the CFA franc zone.
In the past, the functions of WAMZ, which consists of countries outside the CFA Zone, were not aligned to the integration process.
The result of that union will be the West African Monetary Zone (WAMZ).
The 44th meeting of the Technical Committee of the West African Monetary Zone (WAMZ) is convening in Accra, Ghana.
Currently, we operate in the West African Monetary Zone (WAMZ).
'This is very critical because the proposed merger of WAMI (West African Monetary Institute)and WAMZ by ECOWAS commission into ECOWAS monitory institute would leave WAMZ with no forum to exchange ideas and discuss matters of common interests to the English speaking countries in the ECOWAS.'
In 1987, it was planned that the other countries would join forces in the WAMZ (West African Monetary Zone), particularly the other English-speaking countries and Guinea.