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WANWide Area Network
WANWorld Association of Newspapers (formerly Fédération Internationale des Editeurs de Journaux)
WANWlan Access Node
WANWireless Access Network
WANWireless Area Network
WANWisconsin Angel Network
WANWorld Animal Net (Boston, MA)
WANWanted Technologies Corporation (stock symbol)
WANWest Africa Nigeria (international vehicle ID)
WANWorld Airshow News (trade magazine)
WANWorld Artist Network (Fairfield, CT)
WANWestwide Avalanche Network (various locations)
WANWeekly Activity Notification (New York)
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Silver Peak's data center appliances lead the industry in WAN capacity, supporting up to 155 Mbps in a single appliance with ten times the flow processing capacity of the closest competitor.
The Miercom test-bed used the WAN optimization appliances deployed at the WAN/LAN border in a simulated headquarters-to-branch-office implementation, designed to compare key installation and operational aspects of the three vendors' products.
The new Digi Connect WAN IA is a wireless WAN cellular router/gateway that creates a secure WAN connection via an Ethernet-to-cellular or serial-to-cellular interface for remote mission-critical data operations.
The highly flexible ConnectPort WAN provides the functionality of a cellular router, firewall, switch, VPN appliance and terminal server in one device and is the industry's first platform that is both upgradeable and commercial grade.
TDR is a F5 developed technology that provides high-speed application performance by reducing the amount of data transferred over a WAN link by up to 95%.
As enterprises are now adopting WAN optimization and application acceleration solutions, these companies are finding that existing products are difficult to deploy and manage, and often create more headaches than they solve," said Metzler.
There is a common misconception that adding bandwidth to the WAN will solve this problem.
Offering certain applications services as features of WAN management packages can increase the share of outsourcing service providers by 20 percent.
In today's enterprise, the need for accelerated application and storage back up over WAN links has become as critical as the high speed delivery of these applications to the remote workforce," said Lucinda Borovick, program director, datacenter networks, IDC.
The primary challenges in bringing Fibre Channel over WAN are the quality of service and the cost of bandwidth.
Frame Relay: A cost-efficient data transmission technology for sending variable sized frames of digital traffic between LANs and end points in a WAN.