WANCHEWomen Administrators in North Carolina Higher Education
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But, Wanche warns us, "Make no mistake: Kirkuk is as vital for Kurds' national identity as Jerusalem is for Jews and Palestinians." Kurdish leaders have proposed that Kirkuk "be a power-sharing city and region within Kurdistan" (p.
Sophia Wanche captures the mixed emotions of fear and anticipation among the Kurds just before the March 2003 invasion, and Gareth Stansfield highlights the divisions between Kurdish Democratic Party (KDP) and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), which adversely affected the politics of free Kurdistan between 1991-2003.
Basel II, however, reduced the capital set aside for mortgages to 2.8%, kept the AAA-rated asset-backed security at 1.6%, and reset that for AAA-rated Wanches of a collateralized debt obligation funded by mortgages to 0.56%.