WAPAVAWashington Area Performing Arts Video Archive (Arlington, VA)
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As Peter Fay, head of WAPAVA's board of directors, points out, the value of "a live record of a theatrical performance seems such a self-evident idea." Nevertheless, there are currently only four theatre communities in the country preserving their work on videotape: New York, San Francisco, Chicago and Washington, D.C.
WAPAVA was founded in 1991 by its director, Jim Taylor ("I started calling people in 1988, bringing theatre people together to make it happen," he says), whose Volkswagen Beetle operation is spare but efficient.
Both TOFT and WAPAVA have the same basic agreement with Actors Equity Association: Tapes of all performances must be viewed on-site under the supervision of a staff member; other than the master copy (for preservation) and a viewing copy, no other copies may be made; tapes can be viewed only by those with a valid reason to do so; written permissions must be obtained by all Equity members involved in the production.