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WAPEWorld Association for Political Economy (Hong Kong)
WAPEWide Angle Parabolic Equation (acoustics)
WAPEWeighted Absolute Percent Error
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Donohue and Kuttler [15] subsequently extended the shift-map method to the WAPE, and due to the fact that curvature information may not be available when working with actual terrain problems, they proposed the piecewise linear shift map (PLSM), an alternative method verified as the most accurate approach to handle discretely-sampled terrain data.
In this paper, we address the terrain problems in PE modeling and a WAPE method based on the digital elevation model (DEM) is developed using the SSFT algorithm.
He does provide some insights into the culture of the Wape, but his emphasis is on the process of doing anthropology, and the time and place are largely a backdrop.
Only in Melanesian PE have resumptive pronouns become fully grammaticalized, but they are nevertheless very frequent in modern West African Pidgin Englishes (WAPEs).
Therapeutic Systems of the Taute Wape. In Nancy Lutkehaus, et al.
Cox Media Group follows in 2nd & 3rd with CHR WAPE 7.4-7.2-7.3 and Country WJGJ 7.6-6.8-6.8.
Anthony, who previously was on air with CMG's WJGL The Eagle and 95.1 WAPE in Jacksonville, joins Magic Morning Show co-host Beth Larsen.