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WAPIWLAN Authentication and Privacy Infrastructure
WAPIWindows Application Programming Interface
WAPIWired Authentication and Privacy Infrastructure
WAPIWorkflow Api
WAPIWords and Pictures (underground hiphop platform and movement)
WAPIWater Pasteurization Indicator
WAPIWorld Association of Professional Investigators
WAPIWest Africa Peacebuilding Institute
WAPIWorkflow Application Programming Interface
WAPIWeb Assisted Personal Interviewing
WAPIAmerican Pipit (Anthus rubescens, bird species)
WAPIWashington Area Partnership for Immigrants
WAPIWestern Association of Property Inspectors
WAPIWashington Association of Physicians of Indian Origin
WAPIWestern Antique Powerland, Inc.
WAPIWWW Application Programming Interface (Tascomm)
WAPIWordNet Advanced Python Interface
WAPIWeighted Annualized Premium Income (insurance)
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With regard to Internet-closely-related technologies, the trajectory of WAPI presents an interesting case indicative of China's persistent efforts and increasing influence in network standardization.
Highlights/Key Facts: -- The finalization of the WAPI standard has opened an enormous opportunity for wireless technology suppliers to help address China's increasing appetite for wireless connectivity at home and on-the-go.
The WAPI story also illustrates how what had once seemed like an obscure technical issue can become a high-level diplomatic issue relevant to China's rise as a great trading nation.
Only domestic producers would be allowed access to the encryption algorithm essential to comply with the WAPI standard.
All in all, her activism does not end in the drawing of cartoons; she is a member of the advisory committee of WAPI which is a youth showcasing event meant to encourage the youth to enhance their talents.
En terminos de la competencia intercapitalista, lo relevante del caso y del calibre de las acusaciones (independientemente de su veracidad) es que Huawai esta presionando, junto con otros socios domesticos del sector, para la implementacion internacional de un estandar domestico de conexion inalambrica (wireless) denominado WAPI (WLAN Authentication and Privacy Infrastructure) de modo que no tengan que pagar regalias a multinacionales extranjeras por el uso de sus estandares (WLAN), y mas aun, que por el contrario, esas ultimas tengan que pagar a las chinas si desean operar en el pais.
2003: China announced GB Standards for Wireless LAN and tried to enforce WAPI as per Chinese GB standards.
The current WAPI was developed by Dale Andreatta and other graduate engineering students at the University of California, Berkeley.
The RivieraWaves Wi-Fi IP platforms support a host of advanced features, including Beam Forming, Multi-User MIMO (Wave 2), Space-Time Block Code (STBC), Low Density Parity Check (LDPC), Dynamic Bandwidth Management, Wi-Fi Direct and WAPI.
Connectivity: Stereo Bluetooth, AGPS, Wifi, WAPI, Compatible with any SIM card
That was not the end of WAPI, however, as China has attempted to have its WAPI domestic standard recognized and accepted at the World Intellectual Property Organization.