WAPMWorld Association of Perinatal Medicine
WAPMWeak Axiom of Profit Maximization
WAPMWireless Access Point Module
WAPMWarszawska Akademicka Pielgrzymka Metropolitarna (Polish: Warsaw Academic Metropolitan Pilgrimage)
WAPMWeight for Age Percent Median
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EDT, the session will be moderated by Enterprise Management Associates' Research Director Julie Craig, and will include Fred Dumoulin, vice president of WAPM Programs, Coradiant, and Charles Rich, vice president of product management, Nastel.
Fred Dumoulin, Coradiant's vice president of WAPM Programs, will join Harzog to highlight the vital and emerging aspects of web performance management.
Through our partnership with Coradiant, we're able to provide our customers with increased business value from the end-user perspective through the deployment of their WAPM solutions.