WAPOLWestern Australia Police Pipe Band (Maylands, WA, Australia)
WAPOLWestern Australian Police Force (Australia)
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The new contract with DFES is valued at more than $AUD 7 million and follows WAPOLs original investment of $AUD 11 million to upgrade its CAD platform.
Upon being granted approval to have access, tenderers shall comply with all conditions of entry and stay in the company of nominated WAPOL escorts at ALL times.
Ajilon has also grabbed 3 new contracts with WAPOL, valued at AU$17 million.
Moreover, Ajilon earlier headed the development of the Public Sex Offenders Register (PSOR) system and the Immediate Disqualification Notice (IDN) system for WAPOL.
We look forward to building on the award-winning work we have already completed with WAPOL.
Mr Day said the funding boost allowed WAPOL to conduct 1,516,448 tests last year, significantly exceeding the 2012-13 target of one million breath tests, and the 2011-12 figure of 892,751.