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WAPPWest African Power Pool
WAPPWest Africa Parliaments Programme
WAPPWest Africa Pesticide Programs (agriculture)
WAPPWorld Association of Positive Psychotherapy (formerly International Center of Positive Psychotherapy)
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WAPP ICC will serve as the central monitoring and electricity trading hub.
The European Union (EU) will provide a grant of EUR 30 million to implement the WAPP ICC Project.
The Project, a WAPP key priority, will ensure stable integration of the national electricity networks in the ECOWAS Region and facilitate the accessibility to economic energy resources to all member states of the region.
The realisation of the 330 kV WAPP NigeriaBenin Project will facilitate optimal power exchanges and trading between the Member States.
Native apps adhere to the standards of a mobile operating system, while Wapps can have any design or style desired.
This paper summarizes the important steps of testing security of WApps and brings the important information from different resources like OWASP (The Open Web Application Security Project), ISO standards or recommendation of professionals.