WAPPRIITAWild Animal and Plant Protection and Regulation of International and Interprovincial Trade Act (Canadian Wildlife Service; Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)
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As the primary legal tool for exotic pet trade into and out of Canada, WAPPRIITA dictates permit requirements for those species that appear in the CITES appendices.
WAPPRIITA also provides a general prohibition of possession of an animal or plant that has been imported in contravention of the Act, for the purpose of transportation in contravention of this Act, or for offering to distribute or offer for sale of that animal.
As with CITES, WAPPRIITA and the regulation outlines exceptions to the permitting requirements.
WAPPRIITA, Provincial Laws and Interprovincial Trade
These provincial laws receive back up federally, through WAPPRIITA, which prohibits the transport, possession, or distribution of animals in a manner that violates provincial legislation.