WAQWarrior Adventure Quest (soldier training program)
WAqWaikiki Aquarium (Honolulu, HI)
WAQWisdom Access Question
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Soldiers who participate in WAQ are expected to incorporate team building with skills learned or reinforced during the program and walk away with a newfound passion for leisure activities that can enhance their overall quality of life.
The most important aspect of the WAQ program is what comes after the adrenaline-pumping activities: the Battlemind After Actions Review (AAR).
Although WAQ might not be the answer to all postcombat issues such as [posttraumatic stress disorder] and [traumatic brain injury], its holistic approach should serve as a model as the Army continues to identify and create programs to honor and empower soldiers who are reluctant to reach out for professional help," Staff Sgt.
The WAQ is designed to help prevent those behaviors by providing a safe outlet for redeployed troops.
Bharti said: "They were inspired by the Persian waq tree which was supposed to be a warning to Alexander the Great not to advance across India.
These extracts were prepared either as a fine suspension in 5% gum acacia (TAL) or dissolved in normal saline (TAQ, WAQ and MET) and were used for the following toxicological studies.
You lull yourselves with the legends of Antara [sic] and Abu Zeyd and dream of the lands of Waq al-Waq.
In southern Somalia, for instance, al-Ittihad had until recently a small base of operations in Ras Kiamboni, in a very isolated coastal area, enabling" them to use boats to move people and supplies; and in El Waq, in the interior along the Kenyan border, where they could channel movement of goods and people into Ethiopia.
WAQ ATTACK: Younis has gone in to bat for Alec Stewart (below)
The videos are planned to be test marketed and aired 150 times at WAQ TV 19 which penetrates 600,000 households in the West Palm Beach, Florida area and at least 26 times in the Dallas Metroplex.
Aunque el WAQ tambien es considerado usualmente como una prueba para adultos, sus items son faciles de comprender y de contestar, habiendo sido aplicada con exito tanto en ninos y adolescentes (Raush y Rovella, 2009) como en personas de la tercera edad (Nuevo, 2005).