WAR2Warcraft 2 (game)
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Moreover, because countries do not punish transgressors instantaneously, WAR1, WAR2, WAR3, and WAR4, were each lagged, allowing countries multiple years to re-allocate exports away from transgressors.
* [[beta].sub.12], [[beta].sub.13], [[beta].sub.14], [[beta].sub.15] are the coefficients of WAR1, WAR2, WAR3, WAR4, respectively.
Catherine MorrisTHE children in Year 3/4 of St Sebastian's School are studying Liverpool during World War2. Some parents involved in the Liverpool 2007 website are collecting information about the Kensington and Fairfield area, particularily during the war.
Second, the word may also epitomize the blueprint of ideal society, one which has been ordered and works according to the mechanisms and regulations of an army (WAR2).
EXPLORE notorious Colditz Castle, home for Allied prisoners in World War2, on an escorted three-day Moswin tours break departing for Germany on April 26.
The study found that the rate of vascular injury in modern combat is 5 times higher than in previous wars and varies according to operational tempo, mechanism of injury, and type of war2. Management of war vascular trauma is different than peace, due to large numbers of the wounded, shortage of expert vascular surgeons, and resources3.