WARADWindow of Atrial Rate Acceleration Detection
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Warad, Tautomeric origin of dual effects of N1-nicotinoyl-3-(4'-hydroxy-3'-methyl phenyl)-5-[(sub)phenyl]-2-pyrazolines on bacterial and viral strains: POM analyses as new efficient bioinformatics platform to predict and optimize bioactivity of drugs, Med.
bi-kutbi 1-arzami kitabun warad facial yada katibihi kullu yad
Text 6, 3 and 5: The context and pattern of slave sale texts suggests that these lines should be read as the PN who is owner and seller--thus the (ironic?) name Pater-e'el[ti] / dumu Sin-iddinam should be read (and indexed), rather than the PN Mar-[], or the freed status (warad pater e'el[[ti.sup.?]]) of the slave, which would be in conflict with his being sold.
/199 corresponds to /198/, except that the victim is described as warad awilim - "a man's slave" = "someone's slave." Roth renders "an awilum's slave," which seems too narrow.
der Gott in der nachsargonischen Zeit offenbar keine Rolle mehr spielt" ignores the important role Ilaba played with Dagan as patron deities of the Hana dynasty; the expressions: naram dilaba or warad dilaba are standard epithets of the Hana kings (Frayne 1990: 730-33).