WARCOWarranty Coordinator
WARCOWarranty Control Office
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WARCO has retained exclusive rights to import cement-bonded wood fiber skins from a manufacturer in India.
Presently WARCO is involved in two separate ventures with Dyna Fin, a financial services, PLC company based in Madras, India.
WARCO will retain a 25% interest in the ventures for providing technical and management "know-how" with Dyna Fin as the financial partner.
Munro and Peter Stursberg were the first Canadian Warcos to land in Sicily, where they encountered a new game, dealing primarily with Canadian commanders and what soon became a Canadian Public Relations corps.
He also believed that army conducting officers should do everything possible to make sure the Warcos got the story.
Nine Warcos landed on Juno Beach on D-Day, but many were otherwise occupied.
The warcos maintained an essential link between the fighting front and the Canadian public.
Also highlighted are warcos as diverse as Peter Stursberg and Charles Lynch.