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WARIWaite Agricultural Research Institute
WARIWheezing Associated Respiratory Illness
WARIWar Against Radical Islam
WARIWarning and Radio Information (FRG)
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After developing a new technology called the Microwave Multipoint Distribution System -- first introduced in Senegal but now used across Africa -- he took two years to develop and build the Wari brand, launched in 2008, as a sophisticated platform for simple-touse banking services.
It is already building traction through entering distribution initiatives--such as making any of the partners' filling stations in sub-Saharan Africa effectively a Wari agency, and a link-up with a number of leading banks.
Wari territory (or societies influenced by Wari) stretched from the northern highlands and northern coast of present-day Peru, southward to the Moquegua Valley and then eastward, into the highlands, to the region that would become the capital of the Inka empire, the Cuzco Valley.
The fact that most works of Wari art are located in museum collections, as a result of being acquired from tombs along the dry coast of Peru in the early twentieth century, begs the question as to why they haven't been exhibited earlier.
The Wari civilisation lived in an area where Lima is now situated between 600 and 1000AD, around 500 years before the Inca Empire surfaced.
As very little is known about Wari, many scholars think they established strong centralized control - economic, political, cultural and military - like their Inca successors to govern the majority of the far-flung populations living across the central Andes.
Discoveries in the tomb suggest that the Wari worshipped royal ancestors.
As in other regions of Peru, Jennings found pervasive Wari influence on local pots, textiles, and stonework.
At home on land and in the water, these creatures are thought to have held a religious significance for the Cuzco Wari, an agricultural society that understood the critical importance of water in a drought-prone environment.
However, archaeological evidence shows the Wari preferred the spicy chicha made from molle.
Predating the Inca Empire by at least four centuries, this Wari brewery was used to make chicha, a fermented beverage similar to beer that played an important role in ritual feasting and drinking during Peru's first empire.
The finance minister said that the Chief Minister (CM)Parvez Khattak and Amir-e-Jamaat-e-Islami, Siraj Ul Haq, was coming to Wari and will address to a big gathering in Wari.