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Critics claimed McConnell should have declared "hospitality" from Wark, whose TV production company has landed lucrative contracts from the Executive.
And last night, the Tories claimed the contracts row showed there had to be an inquiry into the relationship between the Warks and the McConnells.
The First Minister hoped interest in his New Year break with Kirsty Wark was fading.
Ms Wark was one of the judges who picked the controversial Miralles design for the Scottish Parliament.
NatWest Trophy: 9-2 Surrey, Yorks, 11-2 Lancs, 6 Warks, 8 Kent, 9 Hants, 14 Worcs, Middx, 16 Essex, 25 Glam, 28 Gloucs, 33 Somerset, Northants, 40 Sussex, Derbys, 50 Notts, 100 Durham.
The silence comes after the Scottish Executive moved to dismiss any suggestions that the First Minister was involved in awarding an pounds 80,000 contract to Wark.
It also emerged that TV presenter Kirsty Wark's company, Wark Clements, had been given an pounds 80,000 contract by the Education Department for a reading campaign website in 2004.
TV PRESENTER Kirsty Wark and her family have spent the night at Jack McConnell's official residence in Edinburgh, it emerged yesterday.
Wilkins (Meriden), 510 - 2nd Warks and 2nd West Mids.
Monteith added "the Kirsty Warks of this world" were needed to put politicians under the toughest possible scrutiny.
The presenter's company was formed as Wark Clements, but changed to IWC when it merged with another media business.
DEFIANT Jack McConnell made it clear last night that he would go on holiday again with Kirsty Wark and her family.