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WARLWashington Animal Rescue League
WARLWorcester Animal Rescue League (Massachusetts)
WARLWestern Australian Rugby League (est. 1948)
WARLWeighted Average Run Length
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Local Perth WARL team, the Maldura Marlins have secured entry into the National Rugby League competition in 2014.
The WARL website has information about adoption fees, special rates for interested senior citizens adopting animals more than 7 years old, and other discounted rates.
Founded 1912, WARL has been dedicated to the care of animals as a private, non-profit organization.
His speech (a detail not mentioned, incidentally, in the poem) is marked by a stammer and a habit of repeating the tag 'A tay'--that is, 'I say' and the catch-phrase 'in a' the warl o' creation':
This timeframe corresponds with WARL's intended feasibility studies and financial investment decision timetable.
The PerpetuWall system differs from a previous bag system in that the warl of the manhole or wet-well is first cleaned, strengthened, smoothed and prepared by applying a cementitious liner.
E[dgar] Yates, 'Karl Kraus and the Remembrance of Things Past', Warl Kraus in neuer Sicht: Londoner Kraus-Symposium, ed.
Captain Noel Chavasse was a medical officer of the 10th (Liverpool Scottish) battalion, the King's (Liverpool) regiment, during the first three years of World Warl.
WestemAustralia Rock Lobster (WARL) is exported live, frozen, whole cooked or as raw lobster to Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong and China or processed into frozen lobster tail for the U.S.
"When I bought it, it was a bankrupt little hillbilly [music] station called WARL," he recalled.
Warl Sasser, Jr., "Zero Defections: Quality Comes To Services," Harvard Business Review, September-October 1990, pp.
The Office of Naval Research (ONR) played a vital role in the postwar support of basic research in the sciences at the nation's universities in the years immediately following World Warl II before the establishment of the National Science Foundation in 1950 and its expanded funding a few years later.