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WARNWarning (Alcatel)
WARNWorker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act of 1988
WARNWater & Wastewater Agency Response Network (various locations)
WARNWomen of All Red Nations
WARNWal-Mart Alliance for Reform Now
WARNWide Area Rapid Notification (emergency information dissemination)
WARNWide Area Reference Network (GPS)
WARNWebroot Automated Research Network (anti-spyware collection group)
WARNWeb Alert & Relay Network (US FEMA)
WARNWarning, Alert and Response Network Act of 2006
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References in classic literature ?
"And he as begged you to do that," Thomson said, "because he is one of those privileged few who have been warned that to-night or to-morrow morning is the time selected for the Zeppelin raid on London of which we have heard so much.
"But they may have warned him--some personal friend may have done it," she insisted.
"Stay here, if you like, but I warn you 'twill be rather too warm presently."
"Ah, but I warned you that I was in a generous mood," the Prince said, with a smile.
The fire had died down to a little heap of glowing embers, which accentuated rather than relieved the darkness that shrouded the interior of the evil-smelling dwelling, yet the trained senses of the ape-man warned him of another presence creeping almost silently toward him through the gloom.
If you do not warn the captain you are as much a party to whatever follows as though you had helped to plot and carry it out with your own head and hands."
The Prince promised joyfully all she asked; then having once more warned him not to betray her confidence, she handed him a draught to drink which very soon sunk his senses in a deep slumber.
Everybody scolds us, everybody gives us advice, everybody warns us.
Possibly it was not sympathy but the way they expressed their hatred for Red-Eye; at any rate they always warned us of his approach.
Which done, another of the attendants of the great person, which was with him in the same boat, after his lord had spoken a little to him, said aloud: 'My lord would have you know, that it is not of pride or greatness that he cometh out aboard your ship; but for that in your answer you declare that you have many sick amongst you, he was warned by the Conservator of Health of the city that he should keep a distance.'
Here, while the national prosperity feasts, like another Belshazzar, on the spectacle of its own magnificence, is the Writing on the Wall, which warns the monarch, Money, that his glory is weighed in the balance, and his power found wanting.
His mate warned him irritably away, and he curled up and slept in the entrance.