WARPFWestern Australian Retinitis Pigmentosa Foundation Inc. (Perth, Western Australia)
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Warp 10 (Nasdaq: WARPF, CDN: WARP), a Toronto-based software solutions company, is developing cutting edge products to ``Optimize, Manage, Distribute'' image, audio and text files - known as ``digital assets'' - over computer networks and the Inter/Intranet.
NASDAQ: WARPF 10 7/8; CDN: WARP C15) just signed a vertical marketing alliance with Newbridge Networks Corporation (TSE: NNC C68 1/4; NYSE: NN 50 1/4) to collaborate its marketing and sales programs and "explore future product development to the service intensive and time sensitive graphics, entertainment and multimedia industries.
NASDAQ: WARPF, CDN: WARP) today announced that it has completed development of the WarpRes Software Developer's Kit (SDK).