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WARPSWorld Association for Ruined Piano Studies (Western Australia, Australia)
WARPSWireless Automated Response Positioning System (vehicle location software; Australia)
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Are there reasons why Skimpole, not being warped by prejudices, should accept it?
I took down this dwelling the same morning, drawing the nails, and removed it to the pond-side by small cartloads, spreading the boards on the grass there to bleach and warp back again in the sun.
Tell me; oh yes; did you say money is the warp of the world?"
Captain Marsh and Famine and Pestilence the baby COYOTES, and Sour-Mash and her pups, and Sardanapalus and her kittens - hang these names she gives the creatures, they warp my jaw - and Potter: you - all sitting around in the house, and Soldier Boy at the window the entire time, it's a wonder to me she comes along as well as she does.
My tongue's all warped with trying to curl it around these forsaken wind-galled nine-jointed German words here; now I TELL you it's awful good to lay it over a Christian word once more and kind of let the old taste soak it.
Such grace as was visible in it, made it the uglier, showing how warped and perverted all things good by nature were become.
During the 1990s, images taken by ground-based telescopes and the Hubble Space Telescope revealed a 3 [degrees] tilt, or warp, in a section of the disk.
A new theory has resurrected the idea that Star Trek- style warp drives - once debunked as impossible - might one day zap space voyagers around the galaxy.
They set up what they call the White-Juday Warp Field Interferometer at the Johnson Space Center, essentially creating a laser interferometer that instigates micro versions of space-time warps.
Throughout the years, the pile of the ryas became shorter and the weaving and knots closer together as the warp strands were spun.
Prepare the warp thread by measuring the length between every hole.
The excess warps are individually stitched into either buckskin or several layers of cloth trimmed to size with a succession of locking stitches.