WARRWaste Avoidance and Resource Recovery (Australia)
WARRWorld Airline Road Race
WARRWomyn and Allies Rising in Resistance
WARRWeighted Average Rate of Return
WARRWorkload and Resource Report
WARRWorldwide All-Request Radio (AT&T)
WARRWide Angle Reflection and Reflection (GPR)
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To bow and sue for grace With suppliant knee, and deifie his power Who from the terrour of this Arm so late Doubted his Empire, that were low indeed, That were an ignominy and shame beneath This downfall; since by Fate the strength of Gods And this Empyreal substance cannot fail, Since through experience of this great event In Arms not worse, in foresight much advanc't, We may with more successful hope resolve To wage by force or guile eternal Warr Irreconcileable, to our grand Foe, Who now triumphs, and in th' excess of joy Sole reigning holds the Tyranny of Heav'n.
And now his heart Distends with pride, and hardning in his strength Glories: For never since created man, Met such imbodied force, as nam'd with these Could merit more then that small infantry Warr'd on by Cranes: though all the Giant brood Of PHLEGRA with th' Heroic Race were joyn'd That fought at THEB'S and ILIUM, on each side Mixt with auxiliar Gods; and what resounds In Fable or ROMANCE of UTHERS Son Begirt with BRITISH and ARMORIC Knights; And all who since, Baptiz'd or Infidel Jousted in ASPRAMONT or MONTALBAN, DAMASCO, or MAROCCO, or TREBISOND, Or whom BISERTA sent from AFRIC shore When CHARLEMAIN with all his Peerage fell By FONTARABBIA.
Henceforth his might we know, and know our own So as not either to provoke, or dread New warr, provok't; our better part remains To work in close design, by fraud or guile What force effected not: that he no less At length from us may find, who overcomes By force, hath overcome but half his foe.
Emotional exhaustion represents Warr's (1987) enthusiasm-depression axis, referring to feelings of being overextended and depleted of one's emotional resources (Maslach, 1993).
The company's new computer aided design program includes sheet metal capabilities, which has helped Warr's team reduce prototyping costs and expand its product line.
Twice a week, the WARR effort was taken to a specific FIRM; other days, morning rounds were incorporated.
Warr contends that the newly identified genes probably do represent the first diversified V-region families to be found in animals more primitive than jawed fish.
Mr Warr has used his experience in concentrating on other areas of the body, including the treatment of psoriasis.
Churchill told De La Warr, who oversaw communications entities, the subject of the program was "likely to affect international peace," the documents reveal.
WARR Hyperloop was one of the three finalists in the SpaceX competition.