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WARTWork-Addiction Risk Test (workaholic test)
WARTWhole-Arm Reciprocal Translocation
WARTWhole Abdominal Radiotherapy
WARTWSC Alternate Resource Terminal (White Sands Complex)
WARTWhole-Abdomen Radiation Therapy (ovarian cancer)
WARTWhitefish Area Rapid Transit (Whitefish, MT, USA)
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Thank you kindly," the Man with a Wart on His Nose replied, pocketing the money; "it is just the same to us as if you joined.
You take and split the bean, and cut the wart so as to get some blood, and then you put the blood on one piece of the bean and take and dig a hole and bury it 'bout midnight at the crossroads in the dark of the moon, and then you burn up the rest of the bean.
Talk about trying to cure warts with spunk- water such a blame fool way as that
of course I mean that his glazed hat looks like a gentleman's servant, and not the wart upon his nose; though even that is not so ridiculous as it may seem to you, for we had a footboy once, who had not only a wart, but a wen also, and a very large wen too, and he demanded to have his wages raised in consequence, because he found it came very expensive.
Have all gentlemen's servants warts upon their noses, mother?
He hoped the farmer could charm it away as easily as he could Tom's wart, and was ready with equal faith to put another notched stick into his other pocket, for the cure of his own ailments.
Tom's wart was gone in a fortnight, but not so Benjy's rheumatism, which laid him by the heels more and more.
Fancy waving a lily-white hand all covered with warts.
Wart clearance will be evaluated based on Investigator's Global Assessment Score and wart measurements over time during the treatment period.
Usually doctors will only treat patients who have visible warts and wart treatment types depending on:
Conclusion: Autoinoculation is simple and effective in management of different types of viral warts including genital wart.
Genital wart is a common sexually transmitted disease induced by human papillomavirus (HPV) infections of the genitalia, anus or perineum.