WARTZWest African Republic of Trans-Ztumsia
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Despite his privileges, he has spent the past decade engaged in persistent criminal activity, Sch- wartz said.
Where western research on inter-corporate directorship examines the impact of interlocking directorates, political connections, and other interpersonal relations in market activities (Granovetter, 1982; Mintz and Sch wartz, 1981; Mizruchi, 1987; Scott, 1991; Zeitlin, 1989), studies of Asia have also focused on family networks, friendship, and other particularistic ties to gain an understanding of Chinese businesses (Blackman, 1995, 2000; Hamilton, 1991; Lever-Tracy, et al, 1996; Redding, 1990; Whitley, 1993) (see also Zang, 1999:861).