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WARUWestern Australian Rugby Union
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Waru says: "Presumably if the atomic bomb had not worked as well as it did, we might have been tsunami-ing people." He says the initial testing was positive but the project was finally shelved in January 1945.
Writing about Anangu experiences of waru conservation, Eickelkamp (2015) explores the views of an ordained Anangu minister who compares the waru breeding programme with the Anangu experience with sheep farming in the earlier Christian mission era.
Estos datos incluyen el analisis de un estilo ceramico poco conocido en Cusco llamado Waru y un nuevo estilo que denominamos Ak'awillay.
The narratives of Waru all center on the tangi (funeral) of the title character, who also narrates parts of the film from his post-death vantage point.
Waldbieser and WARU geneticist Brian Bosworth recently used Coco's genome to identify variation in DNA sequences between individual catfish within the Delta Select line--an improved catfish line being developed at WARU for use by farmers.
Several other plants were used traditionally for the treatment of cancer, especially breast cancer, but not yet investigated pharmacologically, were Bambu tali (Asparagus cochinchinensis Lour.), Buah Makasar (Brucea javanica L.), Cakar ayam (Selaginella doederleinii Hieron), Jali (Coix lachrymal L.), Leunca (Solanum nigrum L.), Jombang (Taraxacum mongolicum Hand-Mazz.), Rumput Mutiara (Hedyotis corymbosa L.), Waru Landak (Hibiscus mutabilis L.).
vi 37': u-ta-e-ri-si an-na {erasure}, "Issue repeatedly(?) this (instruction) to her!" u-ta-e-ri-si, according to GAG [section] 106f, is the imperative Gtn of waru. anna is either the interjection "yes" (AHw 1473 waru Dtn 1) or a defective spelling of the accusative of the demonstrative pronoun anna (Groneberg 1981: 123-24).
(5.) This is the vocabulary of the popular national history series Frontier of Dreams, TV1, New Zealand, 2005, directed by Ray Waru and Vincent Burke, sponsored by the Ministry of Culture and Heritage and a good indicator of current rhetoric of settlement.