WASAPWest Africa Spatial Analysis Prototype (database)
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In the WASAP, scholars in the field for a specific discipline are asked to give lectures and presentations.
Faculty in the WASAP from UGA also participates in lectures and presentations with American and Ghanaian faculty and students.
Students and faculty in the WASAP return each year to conduct a service learning activity.
The WASAP as a result has incorporated an annual service learning project at this children home.
The WASAP contributes to UGA's globalization mission.
The WASAP provides an anchor for faculty and students to begin bridging knowledge and cultural gaps, and expand teaching, research, and service opportunities.
In the WASAP interdisciplinary program, students from content areas focus attention on different facets of the same issues while maintaining the common goal of learning about Ghana.
The WASAP takes learning from the host departments at UGA to Ghanaians universities; this enhances teaching and research opportunities for faculty.
While there is interest in the WASAP at UGA as evident by the number of inquires made by students, challenges exist.
Anecdotally, financial limitations are the most cited barrier for students who express interest in the WASAP and then decline.