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WASCOWildlife Artist Supply Company
WASCOWales Association of Self Catering Operators
WASCOWatercolor Artists of Sonoma County (California)
WASCOWorld All Style Combat Organization (Quartu Sant'Elena, Italy)
WASCOWissenschaftlich-Technische Anwender von Siemens Computern (German: Scientific and Technical Users of Siemens Computers)
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He therefore has about 300 days left to serve in Wasco State Prison.
Son, 40, was former mixed martial artist, arrived at Wasco State Prison last month after he was sentenced in Orange County for the 1990 gang rape of a Southern California woman.
Bayou Wasco Insulation Technologies LLC, which will be based in New Iberia, LA, was organized to provide offshore insulation services, primarily to customers in the United States, the Gulf of Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean.
Wasco has also submitted to the VOA a proposed new form for operators that would produce more accurate information.
The trial court found that although Wasco provided financial and emotional support, there was no supportive relationship for two stated reasons: 1) they did not have a joint bank account and thus did not pool their assets; and 2) because the former wife was employed, Wasco was not "fully supporting her.
Since he was wanted on a parole warrant as well, parole officials picked up Villalba from the Kern County Sheriff's facility and took him to Wasco State Prison within a day of his arrest, Komin said.
Grown at McCaffrey Roses in Wasco, California, 'The CASA Rose' bears its blooms atop long stems; the plant reaches 4 feet tall.
Aside from the ecological significance of the condor's recovery, the California condor was once beheld as a cultural icon of the Wasco people.
As production designer of all of Quentin Tarantino's films, Michael Mann's recent opus, "Collateral," and many others, Wasco credits Design Research with forming his aesthetic.
More than 750 residents of Wasco County, Oregon, became seriously ill from the attack and as a result most of the area restaurants were wiped out financially.
The Bhagwan Shri Rajneesh and his followers in Oregon attempted to affect voter turn-out in Wasco County where they were attempting to take over the local government of the small town of Antelope.