WASERWorld Association for Sedimentation and Erosion Research
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Waser, "Resistive non-volatile memory devices (Invited Paper)," Microelectronic Engineering, vol.
Relative to the levels of genetic variation typically detected between geographically disjunct populations of other mammals, including other Peromyscus (e.g., Mossman and Waser, 2001), the Fsr and pST values found in this study are low.
In most ecosystems, insects are more dominant and diverse than other taxa (Richards, 1986; Del Castillo, 1994; Waser et al., 1996; Pohl-Pohl, 2003).
La perdida de la vegetacion por deforestacion es la huella mas significativa de la destruccion y degradacion de los ecosistemas terrestres en los ultimos 50 anos, particularmente los de las regiones tropicales en America, Asia y Africa (Waser et al., 2008).
Dicha dispersion se puede iniciar por factores internos como el impulso reproductivo, hambre o habitos gregarios; los factores que influyen pueden ser sobrepoblacion, escasez de alimento, cambios en las condiciones del alimento, direccion del viento e intervencion de otros organismos (Waser 1985).
Roubik, 1980; Waser et al., 1996; Kato et al., 1999; Steffan-Dewenter and Tscharntke, 2000) and/or destabilising the pollination services in natural and agroforest environments (e.g.
Waser, a Professor at the University of Zurich, has also reported on his experimentation with a low dose of ibotenic acid.
Pollinator networks are much more generalized than previously thought (Waser et al., 1996) and extreme pollination specialization is relatively rare (Waser et al., 1996; Olesen & Jordano, 2002).
Population surveys.-Burrow trapping was conducted by placing three 7.5 by 8.75 by 30 cm Sherman live traps immediately around each active burrow entrance (within 0.10 to 0.50 m of each burrow entrance), with the open end of the trap facing the entrance (Cross & Waser 2000).
De esta manera, se evalua la respuesta etologica de estos y la incidencia sobre la polinizacion de las flores (Waser & Price, 1985; Anderson, 1994; Fenster et al., 2004).
van Vlaenderen and Waser arrived at similar equations, but they attribute the [LAMBDA] field to a longitudinal electroscalar wave in vacuum.