WASETWorld Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology
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By combining packages, SA has reduced the budget for the whole Waset programme, including the processing plant and pipelines for the Arabiya/Hisba system.
An Iraqi police source told Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) that four car bombs exploded in the cities of Kout and Al-Saouira in Waset province, south of Baghdad, killing 15 people and injuring 46 others.
The Waset residents, overwhelmingly Shi'ite, had anticipated to gain jobs at the field and related installations.
A hint of that alignment emerged in Waset province, where Maliki's supporters were reported to have joined with 'Allawi's list and Sadr's followers.
He has produced videotapes and educational materials on African history through his production company, Waset Educational Productions.
The innovative and visionary ruler set his architects to work at Saqqara, Memphis, the Nile Delta, the Sudan, and the city of Waset, which the Greek poet Homer later referred to as "Hundred-gated Thebes.
Direct the City to engage in future discussions with the West Hollywood Community Housing Corporation and WASET regarding the management of the property; and
SA then brought 5,000 MCF/d of capacity, half at the Waset non-associated gas field, and half via a natural gas liquids (NGL) project at the huge Shaybah oilfield.
Al-Ahdab, a medium field in south-central Iraq's Waset province with reserves put at 1.
An army unit foiled a militants' infiltration attempt near Tal Waset village in al-Ghab Plain area in Hama, killing many rebels and injuring others.
Two other cars rigged with explosives blew up at the same time in the governorate of Waset.
Adding, Al Waqqad said the Corporation's new premises are built at the Waset Street on a total area of 4,570 square metres.