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The governor of Waset Mazen Al Zamely addressed the protestor saying that Al-Nimr's execution is considered a violation against all the human rights and international laws.
That expansion of 4,300 mmcfd from the first half of 2011 will be fed by two huge offshore fields Karan and Waset.
Salama, The Concept of Neutrosophic Set and Basic Properties of Neutrosophic Set Operations, WASET 2012 PARIS, FRANC, International University of Science, Engineering and Technology.
the famous newspapers are el- moujahid el chaab el nasser el masaah el Jamhouria le raison el aharar el Watan liberte l'expression el Waset el chourouk el Khabar and many local publications like l'aures el annab etc Algerian authorities have recently created many private channel of tv and radio like alchouraq tv alnahar tv noumedia tv atlas tv tv capital and el Khabar tv.
Maleki's support in Baghdad dwindled, as well as in the key oil producing provinces of Basra and Waset.
Baraani, "Genetic-based Anomaly Detection in Logs of Process Aware Systems", WASET 2010: Proceedings of International Conference of Computer Science and Systems Security, pp.
There is a number of Dawoodi Aflaj with fresh water such as Al Washahi Falaj, Abu Halfah Falaj and the Aflaj of Al Lagal, Al Waset and Habra that are considered streaming rivers irrigating the palm fields and gardens in the Wilayat of Wadi AlMa'wel.
This was the case of the south-central province of Waset, where CNPC in 2008 won a 20-year TSA to develop al-Ahdab, an oilfield which will be on steam in the second half of 2011 at 25,000 b/d and reach a plateau of 115,000 b/d by 2012/13.
This is the biggest story of our lives," said Waset Regir, 38, a freelance writer from Los Angeles.
A hint of that alignment emerged in Waset province, where Maliki's supporters were reported to have joined with 'Allawi's list and Sadr's followers.
El centro administrativo del pais, Waset --la Tebas de los griegos-- contiene en uno de sus templos emblematicos (4), referencias utilizadas como exponente de la presunta divinizacion real y a ella dedico Lanny Bell (5) varias obras centradas tanto en este faraon como en alguno de sus sucesores.