WASHEWater and Sanitation and Health Education
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Who so on theyr othes or theyr words aggianst them, were sure to washe the pavement with the best juyce of their breasts.
M: THAT'S AMAZING 'cause last time she was up here washe wasn't going out with anybody was she /when I when I spoke to her
As we open up the counties for investment, such tools will increase security of land tenure and, consequently, improve our ease of doing business index, thereby unlocking our full potential.Brian Washe Kazungu, Nairobi.
Alas quoth he but newly borne in fiery heates I frye Yet none approach to warme their hartes or feele my fire but I My faultless brest the furnace is the fuell woundinge thornes Love is the fire and sighs the smoke the ashes shame and scornes The fewell Justice layeth on and Mercy blowes the coales The metal in this furnace wrought are mens defiled soules For which as nowe on fire I am to worke them to their good So will I melt into a bath to washe them in my bloode.
And the verdict will bring more tears gushing down Gazza's cheeks: He is NOT the player he washe NEVER will behe has to GO.
Nor I, nor the world, were depriu'd of my Sonne, Whose brest Venus, with a face dolefull and milde, Dooth washe with golden teares, inueying the skies: And when the water of the Goddesses eyes, Makes almost alive, the Marble, of my Childe: One byds her leaue styll, her dollor so extreme, Telling her it is not, her young sonne Papheme, To which she makes aunswer with a voice inflamed, Feeling therewith her venime, to be more bitter) As I was of Cupid, even so of it mother: And a womans last chylde, is the most beloved.
All adults, washe abusing them or were they exploiting him?
'When Craig Levein sold him on after Jim and I left, Hearts got pounds 2million for him, so not only washe a great signing in terms of being a great keeper, he made them a lot of money.