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WASMWebassembly (programming language)
WASMWestern Australian School of Mines (Curtin University of Technology)
WASMWorld Association of Sleep Medicine (health professionals)
WASMWomen and Social Movements (Alexander Street Press; book)
WASMWasted and Still Mining
WASMWhite Anglo-Saxon Male
WASMWhite Anglo-Saxon Muslim
WASMWide Angle Signal Mirror (Muth Mirror Systems)
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We find another Luzumiyya in the -sm-rhyme, again in tawil and with the same seven rhyme words--(in order) ism, rasm, Tasm, wasm, hasm, jism, qasm.
(7.) I wish to thank Ilana Sasson who explained why it is unlikely that Saadiah had meant "wasm" in his translation of "ketovet ka'aka": Saadiah typically did not like ambiguities, in particular with regard to Bible translations.
(35.) One of the Qur'anic terms for thinking is tawassum (al-Hijr: 75), being a derivative of the word wasm which is also the root word for ism (name), as discussed earlier, signifying thus the mental act of scrutinizing the various signs or marks in the process of knowing.
ambassador to Switzerland, the Berlin Wall had come tumbling down, bringing the totalitarian dominion over half a continent with it; Communism had gone from being an "ism" to a "wasm"; in the Middle East, the United States had responded to the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait with a vigor and steadiness of purpose that would have been hard to imagine only a few years earlier.
But now that McCarthyism, as someone has said, has ceased to be an ism and become a wasm, we may be able to make more progress.
Moreover, the word washm is closely associated with another word; wasm. The two words are related phonologically and semantically.
The principal mechanism for achieving the universal service goal wasM, of course, the separations process.
The successful initiative, now in its third year, brought together students from The University of Western Australia (UWA), Curtin University's WA School of Mines, Minerals and Chemical Engineering (WASM - MECE), Lingnan (University) College of Sun Yat-sen University, and Central South University in China.
Is there still a chance of Major's "ism" defining itself before it becomes a "wasm"?
"The effects of sleep disorders should not be underestimated," said Allan O'Bryan, executive director of World Association of Sleep Medicine (WASM).