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WASNWide Area Sensor Network
WASNWomen and AIDS Support Network (Zimbabwe)
WASNWashington Area Spiritual Network (Washington, DC)
WASNWide Area Sensor Network (computer science)
WASNWomen and Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome Support Network (Harare, Zimbabwe, Africa)
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In typical situations such as in meeting a room where there are multiple participants each carrying a smartphone, there may exist several of these, making them great candidates for constructing an ad hoc WASN. In order to use them as components of a WASN for joint processing of acoustic signals, it is essential to determine their locations as well as their orientations.
On Friday when the doctor said it''d been unsuccessful, she wasn''t down, she wasn''t upset.
I had to make a final decision yesterday and I just wasn''t 100 per cent happy with him, said Morris.
If the video of CyanogenMod 6 bringing Android 2.2 Froyo to the Sprint HTC EVO 4G wasn t enough for you, we re happy to tell you that the first 4G phone now has its first CM6 release candidate from the most popular custom ROM maker in the Android space.
He really made his presence felt yesterday, although he wasn''t presented with many opportunities, he just took them, and how.
Over 200 School Nurses from across the state gathered in Pewaukee, Wisconsin on Thursday and Friday, April 24-25, 2008 for the Wisconsin Association of School Nurses (WASN) annual conference.
MAX Graham can't wait to play in Scotland - so he can get his kilt out TheLondon-born, Canadian-raised DJ is the man behind the dance version of the Yes hit OwnerOfALonelyHeartAnd although he wasn ' t born here and has a Canadian accent, his dad is a Scot and he' s very proud of his heritage.
In order to provide a more realistic solution for practical implementations, this paper aims to analyze the effect of control effort weighting on the behavior of a distributed ANC system over a WASN. To this end, we analyze the performance of several constrained methods described in [34] when applied over a network with distributed nodes and incremental learning without communication constraints.
According to local media reports, Umar Akmal said, When they dropped me from the Pakistan ODI squad I was very upset and emotional and was thinking about announcing my retirement from international cricket, It was my dream to play against Zimbabwe in Pakistan but unfortunately I wasn selected and felt like quitting and he said that he withdrew from his decision after seniors insisted to take back the decision, while giving an interview to Pakistani media.
Gerald Lane Shame it wasn''t done earlier when 75% of the building was still sound.