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WASOWest Australian Symphony Orchestra
WASOWeighted Average Shares Outstanding (finance)
WASOWake-time After Sleep Onset
WASOWashington Support Office (US National Park Service)
WASOWorld All Styles Organisation (est. 1984; Mulgrave, Victoria, Australia; martial arts)
WASOWater Allocation Security Objectives (Australia)
WASOWWMCCS ADP Security Officer
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Routinely courting its audience, the WASO makes a point to perform both classical and contemporary music throughout its seasons, collaborating with pop musicians from around the world and commissioning original compositions from Australia's top composers (ARTSHUB.com).
Key secondary endpoints included change from baseline in sleep efficiency for both lemborexant doses compared to placebo, wake after sleep onset (WASO) for both lemborexant doses compared to placebo, and WASO in the second half of the night (WASO2H) for both lemborexant doses compared to zolpidem ER, after one month of treatment, measured objectively by polysomnography.
Waso location chief James Chuchu said Gichunge's family lived peacefully with neighbours.
They said that the LCDA is yet to communicate on the actual site of the multibillion shilling resort city after they requested for its relocation.Led by Waso Trust Land CEO Liban Golicha, the group asked the government to shift the mega project from Kipsing Gap in Isiolo North Constituency to Kula Mawe near Garbatulla in Isiolo South, saying it will interfere with existing wildlife sanctuaries and affect tourism, which is a major source of revenue for the county.
Aguilar, "Keeping the Peace of Waso Borana," Being and Becoming Oromo eds.
Normally distributed variables (including age, height, TST, WASO, the duration and rate of N2, N3, and REM, the number and index of arousal, CAP rate, mean A and B phases, the duration and rate of A1 subtype, the rate of A2 and A3 subtypes, and A2 and A3 index) were expressed as mean [+ or -] standard deviation and analyzed by two independent Student's /-tests for examining the differences of means of different variables between the two patient subgroups (ES and non-ES).
We hypothesized that adults with TBI in the warm footbath condition would experience reductions in SOL and wake after sleep onset (WASO), as well as improvements in SE and total sleep time (TST), whereas patients in the control group would not.
PESHAWAR -- Women and Agriculture Support Organization (WASO) Pakistan, an NGO, on Thursday distributed seasonal vegetables and fruits among 30 temporarily displaced persons (TDPs) of FATA in the outskirts of Peshawar.
Sleep continuity indices included the total recording time (TRT; lights out to lights on in minutes), total sleep time (TST), sleep efficiency (TST divided by TRT), sleep latency (lights out to the first epoch of any sleep in minutes), REM latency (sleep onset to the first epoch in REM stage in minutes), wake after sleep onset (WASO; Stage W during TRT minus sleep latency, in minutes), and arousal index (the number of arousals divided by TST).
These tent Bastis were established at Wahga Kaliyake, Govt High School Chund Bharwana, Govt Veterinary Dispensary Khewa, Govt High School Kot Khaira, Govt High School Billo Shahbal, Govt High School Havaili Sheikh Rajo, Govt High School Badhuana, Govt Elementary School Budh Rajbana, Govt High School Havaili Bahadar Shah, Govt High School Dab Kalan, Govt High School Ahmadpur Sial, Govt High School Pul Ghumnana Marnewala, Govt High School Sultan Bahu, Govt High School Garh Maharaja, Patan Road near Sultan Bahu, Govt High School Kot Shakir, Govt High School Rodu Sultan and Govt High School Waso, he added.
According to the double-blind, randomised study data, Piromelatine 20/50mg four-week treatment indicated statistically important and clinically meaningful improvements in key polysomnographic parameters, such as Wake After Sleep Onset (WASO) and WASO for the first six hours of sleep, compared to the placebo.