WASPCWashington Association of Sheriffs and Police Chiefs
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WASPC is an acronym for the Washington Association of Sheriffs and Police Chiefs.
The 1975 legislature made WASPC a legal entity designating the association a "combination of units of local government.
The statewide program has been very effective in helping public safety agencies respond to emergencies," said Don Pierce, Executive Director of WASPC.
CONTACT: Don Pierce, Executive Director of WASPC, +1-360-486-2380, dpierce@waspc.
What emergency responders need most during an emergency is information," said Don Pierce, executive director of WASPC.
WASPC and the Washington State Congressional delegation championed the speedy testing program, and they worked together to obtain special federal funding to get it up and running.
3 million contract with WASPC, PRI "digitally mapped" more than 400 Washington state high schools, a project that was completed this July.
In 2002, the Washington State Legislature passed a law authorizing the development of a statewide Internet Web site to be built by WASPC.
In recent years, we've all seen evidence of the need for better response to emergencies, especially when children are involved," said Larry Erickson, executive director of WASPC.
Cotton commented that WASPC, through this and other transactions, hopes to aid "in ensuring the law enforcement agencies of Washington can continue to remain on the `cutting edge' of technology which will enhance the effectiveness of our services during these times of increased demand and shrinking financial resources.