WASSOweighted average simultaneous switching output
WASSOWWMCCS ADP Site Security Officer
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Wasso means ''it has come'' in Korean and is said to be the origin of the Japanese chant ''wasshoi'' heard when revelers carry portable shrines in Japanese traditional festival processions.
Ally told me the manager wasso incensed he called him into hisoffice on the Monday morning andtold Coisty he was going out onloan to Cardiff City.
He cerebral, "He wasso cerebral, he would talk for hours about world issues.
Erika Rovezzi, daughter of Tom and Mary Wasso of Shrewsbury, formerly owned a cafe in Grafton.
Water surge increased pressure on Nawabshah embankments; a 950,000 cusecs flood tide is passing through old Hala near Bhanot whereas water ripped through four villages Jamal Hajano, Hameeso Machi, Wasso Machi and Jan Muhammad Laghari of Kutcha areas.
And when she was having chemotherapy, she wasso poorly and we were just counting down the days for it to end.
I was so blown away by it all -I wasso shocked and upset that it was such a split decision.
Yet he feared a return to the top flight wasso far away he was contemplating a life outside football as a personal fitness coach.
WASso ineffective in the first half heactuallychangedhisboots duringthegame as he tried to get abettergripoftheslippypitch.
I've trained hard for five weeks and I'm getting used to it, although for the first couple of weeks I wasso tired I had to go to bed early.
His father Brendan wasso horrified by the story that he rang Westlife's record company to find out if his son was OK.