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WASTWeb Application Stress Tool (Microsoft)
WASTWomen Abuse Screening Tool
WASTWestern Australian Standard Time
WASTWeapon Assignment/Sensor Tasking (Ballistic Missile Defense System)
WASTWilson Applied Science and Technology Index (est. 1983)
WASTW Albany Schenectady Troy (TV station call letters)
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BACKGROUD Our study objectives were to assess the validity and reliability of the Woman Abuse Screening Tool (WAST) in the general population within the family practice setting; to determine the comfort levels of family physicians administering the WAST, their perceptions of its ability to help them identify abused women, and their willingness to continue using it in practice; and to determine the self-reported comfort of patients being asked the WAST questions by their family physicians.
A lawyer by profession, Wast served in various official posts throughout his career, including director of the National Library in Buenos Aires (1931-54).
A ZOLL customer for 12 years, WAST is standardized on the Company's monitor/defibrillator products and updated to the E Series two years ago when it purchased 54 E Series units.
The WAST is an annual event hosted by international airlines from different countries in an attempt to bring together budding amateur squash players within the industry.
We have also led the call for an overhaul in the industrial relations and management culture at WAST which has been archaic to say the least.
Darren Browne has been living at the Wast Hills Hospital in Kings Norton since 2008, hundreds of miles away from his family in Inchinnan, near Glasgow.
West Mercia Police sealed off Wast Hills Lane in Hopwood, where Mr Arshad's fatally wounded body was found, while a team of forensic experts pieced together his last movements.
Detectives launched a murder probe after the father of three was found in Wast Hills Lane shortly before 9pm.
Roedd ganddi ffedog sach, ac roedd wedi rhoi tap arno o amgylch y gwddf ac o amgylch y wast a'i gau yn y tu blaen a dwy gnoten.
4-1 Instead, the visage of Micky, who was of Adam, wast wreath-ed in smiles of wonderment and gratitude.