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WASTWeb Application Stress Tool (Microsoft)
WASTWomen Abuse Screening Tool
WASTWestern Australian Standard Time
WASTWeapon Assignment/Sensor Tasking (Ballistic Missile Defense System)
WASTWilson Applied Science and Technology Index (est. 1983)
WASTW Albany Schenectady Troy (TV station call letters)
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He told me that thou wast on the road to much honour as a scribe.
Ignosi," I said, "tell us, when thou didst wander in Zululand, and among the white people of Natal, did not thine heart turn to the land thy mother told thee of, thy native place, where thou didst see the light, and play when thou wast little, the land where thy place was?
At times as ye look back down the path of life, or when ye are old and gather yourselves together to crouch before the fire, because for you the sun has no more heat, ye will think of how we stood shoulder to shoulder, in that great battle which thy wise words planned, Macumazahn; of how thou wast the point of the horn that galled Twala's flank, Bougwan; whilst thou stood in the ring of the Greys, Incubu, and men went down before thine axe like corn before a sickle; ay, and of how thou didst break that wild bull Twala's strength, and bring his pride to dust.
Cheltenham-based Universal Golf and Leisure has run the club, known as Golfbug Wast Hills, since 2011 and increased its user base to around 100 customers a day during high season and 65 in the low season.
Now is the time for WAST and the political parties of Wales to back Unison's campaign to put the welfare of ambulance staff and their patients first.
Darren was returned to Wast Hills " unharmed after police where alerted to the incident in Selly Oak, Worcestershire.
There is a lack of information pertaining to the quantities and the types of waste generated and there are limited wast tracking systems in place to ensure that waste is transported to approved facilities for disposal," emphasised Kazapua.
However, only three weeks ago a mini-bus full of fans followed the team coach back from Oakwell and vented their fury as they arrived back at the Wast Hills training ground.
It wast an hour of telly whimsy as both sexes celebrated 60 years of the bikini created in St Tropez by French designer Louis Renard (so why wasn't it called the Renard?
Thou wast as true a love as ever sighed upon a midnight pillow.