WATECWater Technologies and Environmental Control (conference)
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A few of the other performance-enhancing features of CheckLight Online that are sure to generate a lot of attention at WATEC are:
Visit the Israel Trade Fair and Convention Center (Exhibition Center) Hall 1 Booth 36 to learn more about these rapid biomonitoring systems at WATEC 2011.
The technology will be introduced at the WATEC Conference, to be held in Tel Aviv, Israel on November 15-17, 2011.
Come and see us at WATEC 2011 at the Innovation Pavilion Booth 15.
WATEC, with headquarters in Urbana, was nominated by Defense Supply Center Columbus for Outstanding Readiness Support in the small-business category.
In direct response to Operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom, WATEC made immediate and extraordinary efforts to support the deployed reverse osmosis water purification units.
the technology transfer arm of the University, will introduce a novel method for preventing biofilm at the WATEC Conference, to be held in Tel Aviv, Israel on November 17-19, 2009.
NCLII) (Pink Sheets:NCCL) and West Atlantic Technical Resource Company (WATEC) of Houston, Texas, announce the signing of an exclusive agreement for WATEC to represent NCLII on the continent of Africa.
Joseph, humanitarian and former staff member to the late US Congresswoman from Texas, Barbara Jordan, has signed an agreement with NCLII giving WATEC the exclusive rights to introduce and commercialize NCLII's proprietary food preservative, NuPreserv(TM), to the continent of Africa.
We are very excited about joining with WATEC to begin development and testing in order to incorporate NuPreserv into the African food processing industry," stated Gary Harrison, Chairman and CEO of NCLII.
WATEC will focus on developing joint ventures with food manufacturers to produce products for domestic markets and to export to the United States and throughout the rest of the world.
The second step would be for WATEC, working with African partners, to introduce NuPreserv to manufacturers within key African countries so that African businesses can begin to produce similar products for intra-African consumption as well as developing export businesses for these products.