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WATIRWeb Application Testing in Ruby
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Chairman of Tourism Investor Association Sami Soliman was our guide when we stopped at the Valley of Wadi Watir and saw the effects of the floods, which destroyed the road to Nuweiba and the green meadows of grass in the valley.
In the Valley of Wadi Watir, pools of water from torrents of last May still fall from the mountain to collect in small streams, from which birds and the sheep of the Bedouins in the valley drink.
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Built on Watir (Web Application Testing in Ruby) open source technology, the GlobalWatch Script Recorder captures and displays real-user interaction with a web application using an Internet Explorer 7 session.
Leveraging the power of Watir, a Ruby-based programming language for automated testing purposes, the GlobalWatch Script Recorder generates scripts that can be leveraged by a variety of technologies, and internal test and validation applications.
SAN DIEGO -- Webmetrics, a leading provider of collaborative monitoring solutions for enterprise web ecosystems, today announced that the Company has significantly enhanced its GlobalWatch Monitoring platform to enable Watir (Web Application Testing in Ruby) open source technology.
Leading businesses are rapidly adopting Watir to simplify and standardize the quality assurance processes of mission-critical web applications.
Watir is currently being used for automated testing by developers at leading companies such as Wells Fargo, Yahoo, Gap Inc.
GlobalWatch Monitoring for RIA is a next generation monitoring service built on Watir (Web Application Testing in Ruby) open source technology.