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WATLWestern Alberta Transmission Line (Canada)
WATLWisconsin Academy of Trial Lawyers
WATLWashington Area Tennis League (Washington, DC)
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Observed time series for the EPac and WAtl regions show a mixture of multi-decadal variability and warming trend.
Meanwhile, due to strong intrinsic variability, the long-term warming over the EPac and WAtl regions is generally not clearly attributable to anthropogenic forcing.
The 2014 observed anomaly over the WAtl region is near the 95th percentile of the CMIP5-A11 distribution.
The simulated probabilities of exceeding the observed 2014 anomalies over the EPac, Europe, and WAtl regions are 0.2% (0.1%), 4% (0.1%), and 5% (0.2%) based on distributions derived from the CMIP5-A11 (CMIP-Nat) runs, respectively, and using control-run-estimated internal variability.
The 2014 annual mean anomalies (relative to 1881-1920) for the EPac, Europe, and WAtl regions are 2.2[degrees], 1.9[degrees], and 1.2[degrees]C, respectively.
"The idea is to generate positive cash flow with three stations and then use that leverage until you can buy more stations." Last year WNOL had revenues of $10 million and WATL, $35 million.
Qwest was formed in 1995 When Jones traded his stake in WNOL to form a partnership with Tribune that then also acquired WATL.
Watls are experiencing a positive environmental impact as well as cost savings and anticipate payback in less than a year.