WATRWestern Aeronautical Test Range
WATRWatershed Association of the Tuckasegee River (North Carolina)
WATRWaterville Railroad
WATRWestern Australian Water Research
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WATi, WATe, and WATr weights showed increases of 1.51-fold (P < 0.05), 1.48-fold (P < 0.05), and 1.72-fold (P < 0.05), respectively.
The police source said some gunmen opened indiscriminate gunfire at a house in Watr area killing six people and injuring two others Tuesday afternoon.
totally grossd out all the sick people turnd out dad wuz only dehydrated or sumthin dr cobb sez i jst hav 2 mak sur Dad drinks lots of watr now (ther i go gittin wy off trak again ill try 2 stik 2 the lady)
In the 1930's she was Connecticut's Best Female Popular Vocalist for WATR and WBRY and served as Musical Director at WATR for 8 years.
Second, his written explanation ("I saw watr go up in the syringe") seems to underestimate his understanding; the opportunity to illustrate his ideas shows that his conceptions were much more complex and scientifically accurate than one would infer from his writing.
Measure bulgur into a bowl; pour in boiling watr and let soak until liquid is absorbed and grain is soft, about 1 hour.
17 May 2018 - UK-based leak detection and remediation services provider Water Intelligence plc (LSE: WATR) has acquired its American Leak Detection South Florida franchise, the group said.
US-based water leak detection specialist Water Intelligence plc (LSE: WATR) has acquired its Indianapolis, Indiana franchise, the company said.