WATSANWater and Sanitation
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Outcomes: Demand side: In the 3 targeted districts, WATSAN service delivery and Health promotion is effective and responding to community priorities that are increasingly better channelled through the Mozambican local governance system.
The overall goal of the strategic plan is: Partner countries in Asia, Africa, Latin America and Caribbean region progressively on path to attain MDGs related to WATSAN
Federal Minister said in his address that establishment of MIS for water and sanitation sector in Pakistan and launching of WATSAN website are major initiatives of Ministry towards creating enabling environment for these sectors.
The proposed intervention addresses the need of carrying out a long term, comprehensive and whole of government reforms at national and sub national levels focused on improving service delivery to the citizens in the three sectors of education, health and WATSAN.
Contract awarded for Orientation and Skills Training on Human Rights-Based Sector Planning for the Regional WATSAN Hubs and Regional PDMUs on November 25-30, 2013 in Cagayan de Oro City