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Watt, there is a tall French clock behind you (placed there, 'a purpose) that has a loud beat when it is in motion and can play music.
Watt, "Experimentelle Beitrage zu einer Theorie des Denkens," vol.
We were returning from the Watt Street Mission about a quarter to nine o'clock.
Wickfield, 'if Doctor Watts knew mankind, he might have written, with as much truth, "Satan finds some mischief still, for busy hands to do.
2] "On My Journey Home," hymn by Isaac Watts, found in many of the southern country songbooks of the ante bellum period.
An' right there he finishes himself, for his bad thumb, which I've known since he first got it as a kid fightin' in the sandlot at Watts Tract--he smashes that thumb right there, on my hard head, back into the socket with an out-twist, an' all the old cords that'd never got strong gets theirs again.
As the long term policy, the government was working at Neelum Jhelum HPP having the expected power generation of 969 mega watt, Diamer Basha HPP has 4500 mega watt capacity, Terbela Extension 1410 mega watt, Golan Gole, Chitral 106 mega watt, Karam Tungi 84 mega watt, Dasso HPP 4320 mega watt, Bonji Hydro Project 7100 mega watt,Manda Darn 740 mega watt, Kial Khawar 122 mega watt and Jabban Power Station 22 mega watt.
Some of those watts will be light; the rest will be heat.
Insulwatt custom insulated heater band is energy efficient and operates on low watt density.
At the outset of the text, Watt identifies four elements--the individuation of characters, the detailed presentation of space, the emphasis on probability in plot, and the particularization of time--central to the revolution in narrative art represented by the fictions of Defoe, Richardson, and Fielding (13-18).
After graduating and doing a small stint at a boutique investment firm in Maryland, Watt, 32, became a partner in North Carolina-based venture capital firm New Africa Opportunity Fund, where he helped many black- and minority-owned companies secure much needed financing to start,
We liked the organization, which had a lot to do with our purchasing decision," says Watt.