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WATTSWave and Tidal Technology Symposium (UK)
WATTSWestern Atlantic Thermohaline Transport Study (marine science)
WATTSWide Area Telecommunication/Telephone Service
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The attorneys of Watts Guerra have extensive experience successfully handling agricultural lawsuits.
According to spokesperson of NTDC production of electricity is 12,900 mega watts while demand is 15,200 mega watts.
Watts, a pianist in the grand manner, played the work fiercely, if not always cleanly.
Special large-trough elements provide uniform watt density over a large area.
From a biological standpoint, bald eagles have recovered," Watts says.
Watts has always been like that, Bloods and Crips been clicked up forever.
A biographical bulimic, Watts spits out huge chunks of Ford's life without really digesting them.
There are all sorts of reasons for more than GOP partisans to hope Watts heralds a detente between Republicans and African Americans.
Junior Chamber of Commerce that has always sponsored the Watts Games, graduated from Crenshaw High School.
Playing Kong's love interest, actress Ann Darrow, Watts has been working opposite Andy Serkis, who played Gollum in the ``Lord of the Rings'' movies.
These forward-looking statements reflect Watts Water Technologies' current views about future results of operations and other forward-looking information.
I'd just come off doing 'The Ring,' and it was a movie that was so plot-driven, although it was a good female role,'' the British-born, Australian-bred Watts confirms.