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Krysteen Savane, who is the production manager of Watu Wote, told Word Is: "We of course were nervous and excited at the same time.
With the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence based on customer reviews, the achievement is a remarkable vote of confidence to our continued travel business success and commitment to providing excellent tailor made safari options in Tanzania," said Majenda Mhutila, Managing Director, Watu Safaris (Tanzania) Ltd.
To Los Palos: Lohele Lalobo Ba Tekain Liu: To Tekain Liu: Derok Hun Uma Klaran Derok Hun Uma Klaran iha Watu Karabau.
Seven clans (Mudi, Watu Bala, 'Ua Higo, Ana Woka, Naka Tebhe, Tiwa, and Gawi) all formally claim a place in the present village of Tiba Kisa.
Today florid ancor hynches, is famous as number one fish in any pisei culture & increasing fish loom (the cold- watu fish in whole world.
This tanzanite-rich horizon of altered graphite gneiss, about 4 meters in width, is referred to by Davies and Chase (1994) as the "Ali Juu Ya Watu zone.
If you fancy more local culture, go on a trip to Ulu Watu temple, built high up on a jutting peninsula.
Watu, Madrid; "El Convenio sobre Diversidad Biologica y el conocimiento tradicional de los pueblos indigenas" mimeo; ITUARTE LIMA, C (2003).
Some officials use usafirishaji na biashara haramu ya watu, which means "illegal transportation and trade in people.
Mwana Watu Kwa Abertawe (Young People from Swansea) With the support of a pounds 24,900 HLF grant, Mwana Watu Kwa Abertawe (Young People from Swansea) is providing an opportunity for young people to learn and understand more about the heritage and cultural traditions of some of the varied communities within Swansea.
Not all scholars are in agreement as to the meaning of wetu telu ("three times") and watu lima ("five times").
Watu, supra note 16, at 582-83 ("If the Relief Act illustrates a broader proposition about the [Clinton] Administration's sanctions `policy,' it is that it seems quite content to impose ostensibly tough sanctions up front, and soon thereafter back off, hence undermining the long-term credibility of the sanctions.